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Eye Doctors Near Me

services01Out of the five senses, eyesight is by far the most important. We perceive up to 80% of all things by means of sight. If you suspect you are having vision problems, do not hesitate to visit an eye doctor. Find the Eye Doctors Near!

When To Visit An Eye Doctor?
If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, you need to set up an appointment with an eye doctor.

Do you need to hold objects further away to see clearly?
Have you increased the text size on your computer or phone?
Is your vision blurry or do you see double images?
Do you have difficulty reading the small print?
Finding Eye Doctors Near Me
There are many websites which provide information about eye care professionals. To find eye doctors near you, type in your home or work address to do a search and the website shows you a list of eye doctors near you.

Some eye doctors provide an online scheduling process, while others provide an office number to schedule an appointment.

The Cheapest Eye Doctors Near Me
In addition to eye clinics, stores like Walmart and Costco have licensed optometrists who perform vision and eye health exams in an in-store exam room. You can even pick up your prescription glasses from them. A lot of eyeglass stores also have an optometrist who can test and prescribe glasses or medication for certain eye disorders. One-stop shops with low prices attract a lot of customers.

You can even locate an eye doctor who accepts your insurance.

Eye doctors Near Me I should See – Optometrist Or Ophthalmologist?
An optician is not an eye doctor and therefore cannot perform eye exams, diagnose or treat eye/vision problems or write prescriptions for glasses or medications. They fit and sell eyeglasses prescribed by optometrists and ophthalmologists. They also sell sunglasses and other non-prescription eyewear.

An optometrist is an eye doctor who performs comprehensive eye exams, prescribes eyeglasses/contact lenses, and diagnoses and treats eye infections and certain eye diseases.

An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor specializing in eye and vision care. They can perform eye exams, diagnose and treat eye conditions, perform eye surgery and prescribe medications. They also prescribe eyeglasses/contact lenses.

Depending on your problem, you can visit either an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. Cataracts can be diagnosed by an optometrist, but you would need an ophthalmologist for cataract surgery.

How Often Should You See an Eye Doctor?
Eye exams can be as important as a physical in determining your health. Make it a priority to schedule yearly eye exams. Your eye care professional can look for signs of vision disorders and initiate corrective measures or treatment.