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Emergency Eye Clinic in Hamilton

Looking for an emergency eye doctor near me open now?

Red eyes, oozing eyes, swollen eyes… These are all frightening sights, and most people aren’t sure what to do when they occur. What qualifies as an eye emergency, and when should you visit the emergency room or an eye doctor?

Our emergency optometrist has prepared the following guidelines for you. In the event of an eye emergency, contact our eye clinic in Hamilton for immediate assistance and to book an urgent eye exam. Our eye doctor is experienced and specially trained to treat many types of problems.

Help! I need an optometrist near me!

Don’t panic, our emergency eye doctor near you is open now, and we are here to help with the following eye emergencies and more:

Blunt force trauma or eye injury

No matter what hits you in the eye, a hit can cause blunt force trauma that leads to vision problems. Contact our eye care centre for an urgent eye exam and treatment.

Eye infection – pink eye (conjunctivitis)

The symptoms of pink eye can differ between patients, but the most usual signs include:

  • Red eye or eyelids
  • Oozing discharge
  • Feeling that something is stuck in your eye
  • Blurred vision
  • Sore on the iris (white or gray)
  • Increased light sensitivity

Conjunctivitis can be caused by either a virus or by bacteria. Bacterial conjunctivitis requires treatment or you risk damaging your eye, so it’s important to schedule an emergency eye exam as soon as possible for diagnosis and prescription treatment with antibiotic eye drops or ointment.

Foreign object stuck in the eye

Nothing belongs in your eyes other than contact lenses. However, small objects, like flakes of eye makeup, a wood shaving, or a dirt particle can sometimes get stuck under your eyelid. First, don’t rub your eye! Then, try to flush the object out with water or saline. If that doesn’t help, visit our emergency eye clinic in Hamilton. Our office is equipped with specialized tools to safely remove foreign objects from your eye.

Warning: If you think the object may have penetrated your eye surface, do not attempt to remove it! Head to an emergency room immediately to prevent complications and vision loss.

Scratched eye – corneal abrasion

A scratch to the surface of your eye, also called a corneal abrasion, can result from any number

of innocent objects, including your fingernail or an edge of paper. Your eye may turn red and you’ll feel like something gritty is stuck in it. Don’t rub your eye! Rinse it with water or saline and refrain from inserting contact lenses until the scratch heals. Most of the time, a corneal abrasion will heal on its own without treatment. However, because it can also lead to eye infection, we recommend visiting our emergency optometrist for an eye exam if it doesn’t improve by the next day.

Floaters or flashing

Normal aging can bring on the sight of floaters (spots or squiggly lines) and flashers. But when a

group of new floaters appear suddenly, it can also be a warning sign of retinal detachment. Retinal detachment is a medical eye emergency and requires immediate attention! Your eye doctor will perform a comprehensive eye exam to identify the cause of your floaters and flashing and refer you for treatment, as necessary.

Acute angle-closure glaucoma (attack)

A glaucoma attack – classified as a medical emergency – occurs as a result of a blockage of your eye’s drainage system. When left untreated for even a day or two, vision loss can result. If you experience these symptoms together, you need to visit an eye doctor for an emergency eye exam:

  • Loss of vision
  • Headache
  • Blurred vision or seeing halos around lights
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Profuse tearing

Retinal migraine – loss of vision

A retinal migraine can be dangerous and sight-threatening. The most usual symptom is to suddenly lose vision in one eye, which often seems like a dark veil covering your vision. If this happens, contact our emergency eye doctor immediately or visit a nearby hospital emergency room.


Wearing contact lenses for too long is the typical culprit behind keratitis, an inflammation of the cornea. Typical symptoms include pain, blurred vision, and red eye, and eye emergency care is required.

Iritis/ uveitis

This type of eye inflammation can result from certain systemic diseases or trauma to your eye.

An eye exam by a qualified professional is needed to evaluate your condition and determine the most effective treatment.

The symptoms of iritis/uveitis can include:

  • Eye pain
  • Red eye
  • Light sensitivity
  • Loss of visual acuity

We won’t make you wait for help! Contact our emergency eye clinic in Hamilton

Does insurance cover eye emergencies? Typically, medical insurance policies cover emergency visits to eye doctors, however, every plan differs. Ask us! Our staff is knowledgeable about most insurance policies, and we’ll be happy to help you understand your coverage.