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Vision Therapy FAQ

Q. What is vision therapy and what are the signs that indicate a child could benefit from vision therapy?

  • A: Vision therapy is a component of optometric care and is a specialization where behavioral optometrists, can assist patients with not only visual problems per se, like nearsightedness, and farsightedness, but also how the visual system works as a whole. With visual therapy, we enhance the performance of the visual system. It’s not only how clearly you can see but also how your visual system responds—two different simulations of the environment. Patients who have trouble reading efficiently, and patients who can, who cannot concentrate on different tasks, take longer to be able to achieve different projects and reading comprehension. So with vision therapy, we try to enhance the visual individual visual skills that will ultimately help to have a more robust and efficient visual system. Anybody can benefit from, vision therapy, a child, an adult, or a senior, the brain never stops developing and is very flexible. So we can at any point enhance the flexibility and efficiency of how we use our eyes not only in terms of vision but also how they perform and alleviate most of the symptoms, especially ice cream.

Q. Do you find can benefit from vision therapy in particular, many of the conditions that we can help with traditional therapy?

  • A: Anything that has to do with A I S Ambition performance, which is basically everything from reading comprehension concentration to improving the ability to perform at a better level without causing a lot of eye strain or effort. Basically, every activity that we can think of we is based on visual function. So those are skills such as fixating, focusing, and ocular motor function, which is tracking the space and improving value. Since all those skills will have a change, a positive impact, it will retrain them properly In any aspect, not only in school but also in playing sports, and driving a vehicle, it will improve the performance of the whole body. The vision is the brain occupies approximately 7-80% of its function in just probably visual processing information. So vision therapy helps with that. We also work with other healthcare professionals. Some patients also require assistance like physiotherapy is optional therapy. So it’s a circle of care and vision therapies have become a component of that.

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