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Dr. Camilo Garzon, O.D.

Dr. Camilo Garzon, O.D.

Dr. Garzon received his Doctor of Optometry Degree from La Salle University in 2001 and began practicing Optometry in Bogota, Colombia, before moving to Canada in 2008. He successfully completed the International Optometric Bridging Program at the University of Waterloo, School of Optometry and Vision Science. Dr. Garzon is Board Certified by the College of Optometrist of Ontario.

Dr. Garzon is currently completing his post-graduate fellowship of the College of Vision Development (FCOVD).

After almost 20 years of practicing Optometry, Dr. Garzon's primary areas of interest include pediatrics, vision therapy, dry eye disease, specialty contact lenses fitting, diabetic eye disease and glaucoma. Preventative eye care and advocating for annual eye examinations, particularly among children, is the cornerstone of his practice.

He is an active member of Canadian Optometrists in Vision Therapy & Rehabilitation and clinical associate with The Optometric Extension Program Foundation. Dr. Garzon is also a member of both the Ontario Association of Optometrists and the Canadian Association of Optometrists.

5 Star Yelp Reviews

Azia K.

Inch Park, Hamilton, ON

My name is George Farah, I live in Hamilton. My sister Amal has a very severe case in her eyes called Keratoconus. Few doctors knew how to treat my sister. This problem can be solved by hard lenses only. And glasses are not a choice and cannot resolve the issue. My sister has her hard lenses two years before Covid. And since October 2022, we were looking for a Doctor to treat my sister, but without result. My sister suffered a lot. She has inflammations in her eyes, and even with our attempts to treat her through two other Doctors in the  GTA did not help. So by luck I found the clinic of Dr. Garson in Hamilton. And with doubt I went there without appointment. Seeing my sister red eyes, the Secretary was extremely nice and tried her best to give my sister an appointment and the very skillful and kind staff prepared my sister to see the Doctor. I was with her to translate and I saw the extreme patience of Dr. Garson with her and his knowledge and his skills in this field and his human touch in treating my sister. After few appointments with him . All problems were resolved: the inflammations, the red eyes and the dehydration. Even to my astonishment he found relation between the problems with her eyes and her arthritis. Then he adapted the new hard lenses to her eyes without any issues or bad reactions. My sister was extremely happy. And now after several weeks no problem at all. I would like to mention also that Dr. Garson has helped us with the price. We paid at least 40% less than the other Doctors for the lenses. If you like to have more info, you can call me on 4162004420.