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Pamela Chinchilla

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Vision Therapist Coordinator

Certified Optometric Vision Therapist.


Pamela graduated as an Optometrist (OD), from the University of La Salle in Bogota, Colombia, where she practiced for over 15 years. She worked in her own private practice, as an Associate at an Ophthalmological clinic, as well as a professor at the Optometry school in her native city of Bucaramanga.

After moving to Canada, she decided to experience the commercial side of the business and worked in the industry for Essilor and Ciba Vision.

Missing the clinical part of her career, she returned to it, where her passion for binocular vision opened the door into Vision Therapy.

As a studious and dedicated professional, she decided to continue her education and advance her career by registering with COVD and obtained her COVT certification in 2015. Also, she trained with COVT&R on their PVTAP course, subsequently obtaining her PVT certification in 2016. By 2017 she had finished all five curriculum courses from the Optometric Extension Program.

In 2018, OEPF appointed her as one of their Curriculum Course Instructors, and their Representative for Latin America.

Pamela currently dedicates her professional time to Visual Therapy and Rehabilitation for patients with learning-related visual problems, visual dysfunction, strabismus, amblyopia, acquired/traumatic brain injuries and those on the autism spectrum. She is also currently teaching OEP curriculum courses in Latin American countries.

In her free time, Pamela enjoys the outdoors, biking, swimming, hiking and running. When indoors, she loves playing squash, practicing yoga and swimming. All year round she enjoys reading, movies and going to the theatre.

We are extremely pleased to welcome Pamela to our team as our Vision Therapist Coordinator.