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Pamela Chinchilla

Vision Therapist Coordinator

Certified Optometric Vision Therapist.



Pamela graduated as an optometrist, (OD), from the University of La Salle in Boogota, Colombia. She practiced optometry for more than 15 years, in both private practice and in association with opthalmology.

Here in Canada, she pursued further education in vision therapy, earning her title as Certified Optometric Vision Therapist ( COVT), from the College of Optometrists in Vision Development in April 2016. She also has completed her PVTAP certification with Canadian Optometrists in Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation, ( COVT&R), in August 2017. More recently, The Optometric Education Program Foundation, ( OEPF), appointed her as one of their curriculum courses instructors, and their representative for Latin America.

Pamela currently dedicates her professional time to vision therapy and rehabilitation, for patients with learning-related visual problems, visual dysfunctions, strabismus, amblyopia, acquired/ traumatic brain injuries, and patients on the autism spectrum.

We at Clarity Optometry are very pleased that Pamela brings all her expertise as a vision therapist coordinator.